Steam Locomotive Information s
County Donegal Railways Joint Committee No. 8 <font color=red>11<font color=black> 'Phoenix' 4wVBGT
British Aluminium Company No. <font color='red'>2<font color='black'> 0-4-0T
LMS Northern Counties Committee No. <font color='red'>4<font color='black'> 2-6-4T
AGL No. 309 'Varela de Montes' 0-6-0
Vasco Asturiano No. 21
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Total Locomotives (Existing + Scrapped): 21272
Existing Locomotives:20241
Locomotives with photos:12061
Locomotives without photos:9209
Scrapped Locomotives:1031
Locomotives with Maps:1950
Photo Albums:3328
Total Photos in System:20337
Locomotives with Video:880
Lost Locomotives:56
Milwaukee Road No. 261 4-8-4

			Viewed: 20442 times
Lake Superior & Ishpeming RR No. 34 2-8-0

			Viewed: 18637 times
Southern Pine Lumber Co. No. 28 (300) 2-8-0

			Viewed: 18124 times
Boone & Scenic Valley RR No. 8419 2-8-2

			Viewed: 15683 times
Sumter & Choctaw RR No. 102 2-8-2

			Viewed: 15538 times
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