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Great Western Railway 2-8-0 No. 2859Posted by: Joshua on 2017-04-28 11:11:42.6
Is she still for sale ? !

Western & Atlantic RR 4-4-0 No. 49Posted by: on 2017-04-28 10:03:53.323
Texas has finished her cosmetic restoration. She was unveiled next to Lehigh Valley 126 and 611 at the Bob Julian Roundhouse today. Her number however is now 12. Was this perhaps her original number?

Hawaiian Railway Company 2-4-2T No. 4Posted by: hunter on 2017-04-27 10:52:15.547
She looks restorable, I mean her boiler is in good shape and it would be a good light freight locomotive

Sons of Gwalia Gold Mine 0-6-2T No. "Midland"Posted by: Robert Alexander on 2017-04-26 19:01:05.7
Some details of "Midland". Initially known as "KEN" being an acronym of three directors of the company, (Messrs. Kluge, Edquist & Newman).Name changed on arrival to follow company practice of naming their locomotives after the manufacturers. Cyls: 9.5"x 12",D.Wh.: 24", T.Wh.:20", Grate: 7.5 sq.ft., Tubes: 289 sq.ft.,Firebox: 32 sq.ft. Total: 321 sq.ft.,B.Pr.: 200 psi, W.O.:14 tons, Ad.Wt.: 9.75 tons, T.E. @ 80% = 7,220 lbs., Fuel: Wood,0.5 tons, Water: 350 galls. (Long tons & Imp.galls.) Displayed under cover as "KEN" at Gwalia Historical Museum. Specs. from "Gwalia Loco Notes" by John Browning & David Whiteford, Light Railways Mag.Oct.1994, I took a photo of it on August, 2016, will try and submit it.

SIR 2-8-4T No. 11Posted by: Robert Sweet on 2017-04-25 19:27:17.117
SIR PT 11 is displayed with its 1957 number PT 37156. The engine is a 2-6-4T.

Southern Railway 2-6-0 No. 31806Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-25 15:13:51.56
The U Class No. 31806 is currently at Herston works undergoing a bottom end overhaul and a repaint and in a surprise move it is being fitted with equipment to run on the mainline, which includes GSMR, OTMR, AWS and TPWS.

Great Northern Railway 0-6-2T No. 1744 69523Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-25 13:20:05.547
N2 Tank No. 1744 is still at Tyesley Locomotive Works still under repairs and being set up for mainline running still but will soon move to the North Norfolk Railway where it will be staying on a three year period there.

Dinorwic Quarries 0-4-0ST No. 'George B'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-24 14:05:34.917
The little quarry Hunslet "George B" has entered service at the Bala Lake Railway over the weekend following completion of its restoration.

Assiniboine Park RR 4-4-0 No. 1867Posted by: ILFORD on 2017-04-24 13:47:03.81
Construction number 13524.

Metropolitan Railway 0-4-4T No. 1Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-24 12:15:16.017
Met No. 1 has gone on loan to the Epping Ongar Railway for the summer season there.

War Department 0-6-0ST No. 75178Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-24 12:06:24.787
War Department No. 75178 was steamed for the very first time since leaving the National Coal Board in the 1970s over last weekend at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway. Its restoration is now completed and the loco has been painted in WD Green livery and will soon be doing test runs before it enters traffic in the summer.

Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway 2-8-0 No. 88 13808 53808Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-24 12:01:38.713
The Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway 7F No. 53808 is to be a replacement for Back 5 45305 at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway for there Cotswold Festival of Steam gala on May 27-29.

London Midland & Scottish Railway 4-6-0 No. 5305 45305 'Alderman A E Draper'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-24 11:58:33.737
Sadly due to long running repairs 45305 will not be visiting the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway for there Cotswold Festival of Steam gala now. The Black 5 may be back in traffic in the summer months.

Boots Pure Drug Co. 0-4-0F No. 1Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-23 12:55:28.107
The former Boots Pure Drug Co. Andrew Barclay built fireless 0-4-0F No. 1 has been moved to Wilton Works at the West Somerset Railway for restoration to full working order.

CEGB Agecroft Power Station 0-4-0ST No. 'Agecroft No1'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-23 12:47:51.007
The former CEGB Agecroft Power Station Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn built 0-4-0ST "Agecroft No1" has gone on loan to the National Railway Museum at York for steam operations there for the season.

Southern Railway 4-6-2 No. 21C9 35009 'Shaw Savill'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-23 12:38:42.187
The Builleid Merchant Navy Pacific 35009 "Shaw Savill" is planed to be moved to Ian Rileys works next year for its restoration when the overhaul of LMS Jinty No. 47298 is completed.

Rustenberg Platinum Mines 0-4-2T No. 4 'Gelert'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-23 12:29:01.733
The former Rustenberg Platinum Mines No. 4 "Gelert" has been moved to the Statfold Barn Railway for its overhaul to be carried out there.

SZD 2-10-0 No. L-4674Posted by: ILFORD on 2017-04-23 01:49:35.877
L-4674 has moved again to Vadim Zadorozhny (Moscow Area), located at Museum of Engineering, on display in April 2017.

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway 2-10-2 No. 940Posted by: Matthew L on 2017-04-22 19:59:48.77
the location should say it is at the Bartlesville Depot and is no longer in Johnstone Park

NKNR 2-8-2 No. (6)163Posted by: ILFORD on 2017-04-22 12:14:54.07
Loco operational on tourist trains in December 2016.

NepalGovernmentRlwy 0-10-4T No. 5Posted by: ILFORD on 2017-04-22 12:06:09.5
This loco is a 0-10-0T+T.

Coutaulds Ltd 4wVGBT No. 'William'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-22 10:22:14.407
The small Sentinel built 4wVGBT "William" is back in service at the Elsecar Railway following completion of its overhaul. The locomotive been painted in LMS Black livery.

London & North Eastern Railway 4-6-2 No. 4488 9 60009 'Union of South Africa'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-22 09:14:40.273
60009 "Union of South Africa" will be making its 2nd and possibly its last visit to the Mid Norfolk Railway for there summer steam gala on the weekend of the 23rd-25th June.

SZD 4-8-4 No. P36-0147Posted by: ILFORD on 2017-04-21 18:28:57.217
P36-0147 built by Kolomna 10314 in 1955, on display in 2016. Planned to send loco to Tikhoretsk Works for overhaul, ready for use in 2018.

SZD 2-8-4 No. FDp20-2549Posted by: ILFORD on 2017-04-21 18:02:19.557
FDp20-2549 built by Lugansk in 1941, only the front part of the loco exists (2-0-0), at Foklnskaya, near Bryansk, located in a park, corner of Gomel and 2nd Avenue on display. Built as JS class (Josef Stalin) but name lost favour and was re-classed to FDp20. The only complete loco is at Kiev, Ukraine.

War Department 2-10-0 No. 90775 Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-21 17:28:50.473
The Dub Dee Austerity No. 90775 is expected to be in light steam at the North Norfolk Railway this weekend at there steam gala. The locomotive s overhaul is complete and the loco may be tested at the gala if the boiler in the frames steam tests go well.

London Midland & Scottish Railway 4-6-0 No. 5231 45231 'The Sherwood Forester'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-21 14:58:39.953
LMS Black 5 45231 "The Sherwood Forester" has been fully repaired and the locomotive is back in mainline service again and has moved to its new home at LNWR Heritage at Crewe to be part of locomotive services Icons of Steam there.

Blackpool Gasworks 0-4-0ST No. 1 'Lytham St. Annes'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2017-04-21 12:41:27.32
The Peckett built 0-4-0ST "Lytham St. Annes" has just completed its overhaul at the Midland Railway Centre and is due to enter service at there Vintage Trains Weekend at the bank holiday weekend at the end of the month.

SZD 2-10-0 No. YeA-2325Posted by: ILFORD on 2017-04-20 18:00:01.803
Yea-2325 (USATC 4824) built by Baldwin 70641 in 1944, on display in 2016.

Great Indian Peninsular Railway 0-6-0CT No. 3Posted by: Steve Frost on 2017-04-20 14:51:37.453
One of Hawthorn Leslies typical crane tank locos. Versions of this basic design can be found around the world and found use in shipyards, steelworks railway workshops and industry. A classic from Tyneside basking in the Indian sunshine.
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