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NCB Backworth 0-6-0ST No. 47 'Moorbarrow'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-11 13:41:15.417
The current location of former NCB Backworth Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn built 0-6-0ST "Moorbarrow" is the Gwili Railway at Bronwydd Arms, Carmarthenshire in Wales. Where its been on loan to them from its owners the Llangollen Railway as "Moorbarrow" is part of there spot hire fleet that goes on hire to other preserved railways around the UK.

Mountain Ash Colliery 0-6-0ST No. 'Sir John'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-11 13:34:48.32
The current location of former Mountain Ash Colliery Avonside built 0-6-0ST "Sir John" is the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway in Monmouthshire. Where the loco is currently in storage there awaiting overhaul.

Great Western Railway 2-8-0T No. 5227Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-11 13:29:01.967
No. 5227 is soon to be dismantled for New build projects as its Swindon No. 4 boiler is to be used in the construction of the New 38XX County Class 4-4-0 No. 3840 "County of Montgomery" launched this year and to be built at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway. Along with other parts and patterns used in the construction of No. 2999 "Lady of Legend". As for the remains of 5227 they be used for the construction of a propose County 4-4-2T.

Frisco Silver Dollar Line 0-4-0T No. 76Posted by: Trevlyn on 2018-03-09 17:36:53.29
This locomotive has been through an overhaul, it looks very different now. please change the wheels to 2-4-0T

Southern Railway 4-6-2 No. 34046 'Braunton'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-09 13:13:50.127
Having ran for the last two years as long lost rebuilt Bulleid Battle of Britain Class Pacific No. 34052 Lord Dowding. No. 34046 "Braunton" will run as its true West Country Class self with her own name and number plates refitted this year. Currently at Southall Depot in West London No. 34046 will soon return to LNWR Heritage at Crewe to be ready to work the first of Locomotive Services mainline charter trains this year along with 46100 "Royal Scot" and No. 70000 "Britannia".

Southern Railway 4-6-2 No. 34101 'Hartland'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-09 13:04:02.933
No. 34101 "Hartland" should be back in traffic at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway later this year. Some interesting facts on 34101 she was among the final batch of Bulleid Light Pacific s to be built as 34101 was built in 1950 and rebuilt in 1960. No. 34101 is unique as it was one of only a very few Bulleid Light Pacific s to be built Eastleigh works and the only Eastleigh built Bulleid Light Pacific in preservation.

War Department 0-6-0ST No. 75015 48Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-09 12:52:08.68
Former War Department and ex Backworth National Coal Board Hunslet built Austerity 0-6-0ST No. 48 will soon be leaving the Strathspey Railway as it will be moving to the Aln Valley Railway. Now owned by the same owner sister Hunslet Austerity former Lambton Colliery No. 60 that is also to move there as there second working steam locomotive. No. 48 will be put on display at Alnwick for the short term before it can be overhauled to be put back in to steam again as it needs repairs to is firebox and other done.

Great Western Railway 2-8-0 No. 3802Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-09 10:13:55.39
The GWR Heavy freight 2-8-0 No. 3802 has been undergoing test runs at the Llangollen Railway following completion of its overhaul. With only a few jobs left to do including painting the locomotive in BR Black livery it should enter traffic at the start of the Llangollen Railway s running season this year.

Naklo Sugar Factory 0-6-0WT+T No. 10 'Naklo'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-09 10:02:48.11
The former Naklo Sugar Factory Polish built 0-6-0WT+T "Naklo" is to be overhauled and put back in to service thanks a £200,000 grant from the Power to Charge trust. Withdrawn from service in 2010 its hoped that "Naklo" will be back in steam at the South Tynedale Railway again in 2019.

London Midland & Scottish Railway 0-6-0T No. 47406Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-09 09:47:02.25
LMS Jinty No. 47406 is visiting the Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust at Midsomer Norton in Somerset for two weekends starting from the 10th till the 18th of March 2018. The visit is to co inside the opening of the new extension of track there.

Great Western Railway 2-6-2T No. 5538Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-08 14:52:23.63
GWR Prairie 2-6-2T No. 5538 now owned by Mike Little is currently at the Flour Mill in Bream, Gloucestershire where its under restoration from a Barry Scrapyard hulk to running order. As its seen a lot of work carried out to the bottom end which is nearing completion and new coupling and connecting rods made and fitted.

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway 2-8-0 No. 2522Posted by: Rick Giles on 2018-03-07 19:12:10.323
New York Central Class G-6k 2-8-0 #2976 was sold to the Kansas City, Mexico, & Orient Railway in 1927 and was renumbered #66. The Santa Fe acquired the locomotive when it purchased the property of the KC,M,&O in 1928.

British Railways 4-6-2 No. 70013 'Oliver Cromwell'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-07 12:35:33.157
Having worked its final mainline railtours the National Railway Museum has agreed for No. 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" to have another overhaul. Currently visiting the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway No. 70013 will be returning to the Great Central Railway where the 5305 Locomotive Association will carry out the overhaul or to see if the current boiler ticket can be extended till the summer for the locomotive to take part in the 50th anniversary celebrations of the end of steam in August.

Little Barford Power Station 0-4-0ST No. 4 'Edmundsons'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-07 12:17:53.337
Former Little Barford Power Station Andrew Barclay built 0-4-0ST No. 4 "Edmundson" has been withdrawn from service for its 10 year overhaul. It last ran on the 29th of December 2017.

Festiniog Railway 0-4-4-0T No. 'Earl of Merioneth'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-03-07 10:06:15.177
The Festiniog Railway s 1979 built Double Fairlie "Earl of Merioneth" will be going in to semi-retirement in April. The locomotive will haul its final trains on the 8th of April 2018. The reason for it been taken out of service is that some of its parts will be used in the construction of a new build Double Fairlie locomotive "James Spooner". But "Earl of Merioneth" herself will be put in to storage till it can be overhauled again with some new parts added.

Sons of Gwalia Gold Mine 0-6-2T No. "Midland"Posted by: on 2018-03-06 11:03:55.26
Hoover House Museum

CFP 0-4-0T No. 004Posted by: ILFORD on 2018-03-06 06:33:45.697
Construction number is 1602.

CFP 4-8-0 No. 832Posted by: ILFORD on 2018-03-06 06:29:13.053
Construction number is 619.

CFP 4-6-0 No. 357Posted by: ILFORD on 2018-03-06 06:27:09.753
Construction number is 10254.

Kiama Quarries 0-4-0T No. NonePosted by: Robin R Beck on 2018-03-06 03:37:35.813
All its working life was spent at Pikes Hill Quarry working the State Quarries tramway which ran from Pikes Hill to Kiama Harbour where the stone was loaded on ships. Was number PWD 35 (the second locomotive that carried this number.) The Quarry produced crushed Blue Metal stone used mainly for Sydney roads, as a base or mixed with bitumen as a road surface. Also used as railway ballast. The tramway closed in 1941, when the last ship running between Kiama & Sydney was commandeered for naval service. Does not appear to have worked after this.

In 1958 moved to Marsden Museum of Historic Engines. When the museum closed in 1974 it was sold to a private individual. In 1985 sold to Kiama Light Railway Group. The groups plans to operate a tourist railway did not succeed. In 1998 it was donated to Illawara Light Railway. Restoration is undergoing at Albion Park

A&D Munro Shay - 2 truck No. 2Posted by: Robin R Beck on 2018-03-06 03:29:11.63
Lima 2097 was bought new by Duncan Munro, saw miller of Toowoomba, Queensland. Being numbered No 2, only two Shays ever worked the tramway. Worked on the Munro Tramway until it closed in 1936. It is possible either No 1 or No 2 was stored before 1936. The loco was abandoned when the line closed. Suffered damage from scrap collectors as iron and steel had no scrap value but brass and copper did. Explosives were used being the easy way to remove parts made of these metals. 1974 donated to Illawara Light Railway. Remains salvaged and moved to Albion Park.

Over the years the combined parts of Lima 906 & 2097. Were used to try and make a complete loco, even using a Davenport boiler. Not really sure if this was for display or operational use. 2014 an individual obtained parts from Albion Park to rebuild and display a Shay near the original tramway, mostly parts from Lima 2907. No 2 was moved to Ravensbourne, Queensland. Unfortunately the project expense was too much. The parts were kept at Ravensbourne Mountain Retreat, but not on show.

Munro Tramway Historical Group obtained the parts, moving them to Palmtree. Photos show the frame, boiler and bunker are mounted on steel stands as a static display alongside the tramway route. The group found the boiler is stamped 906. This group website has excellent history of tramway & locos. Plus photos and video clips.

Public Works Department 0-4-0ST No. 65 "KIAMA"Posted by: Robin R Beck on 2018-03-05 17:09:10.8
First worked at Cordeaux Dam Construction along with sister loco 1595. This was the second of four dams built on the Nepean water catchment area to supply water to Sydney after bad droughts at the start of the 20th century. Again with sister engine in 1926 moved to Menangle Sand Co. working sand trains from Nepean River to the NSWGR line at Menangle . Sand was used in the construction of Sydney Harbour bridge.

Tully Sugar Mill 0-6-2T No. Tully No. 6Posted by: Robin R Beck on 2018-03-05 17:02:59.127
First worked at Tully sugar mill, becoming there number 6. Withdrawn in 1963 but kept as a spare loco. 1965 was displayed at El Arish Country Club, a small town 10 miles from Tully. 1973 due to deteriorating condition was offered for sale. For a nominal fee was purchased by Illawara Light Railway. 1975 arrived at Albion Park, year later restoration work started. 1987 started operating trains

A&D Munro Shay - 2 truck No. 1Posted by: Robin R Beck on 2018-03-05 16:58:32.183
Bought new by Duncan Munro, saw miller of Toowoomba, Queensland. To improve his horse drawn, wooden track tramway. Newspapers in 1905 say it was the first Shay in Australia. With the Shay, the tramway did away with a zig zag route. A more direct route was possible. The improved tramway was laid with old government steel rail, 30 to 41 lb. The gauge was widened to 30 inch. On 1st April 1905 an official opening train ran from Hampton to Perseverance district. It was hauled by 906 having received the number 1. The line became the first steam timber tramway in Queensland.

The full tramway ran for 16 miles from Hampton to Bunker Hill. The sawmill near Palmtree being roughly in the centre of the tramway, the timber being hauled from both directions to the sawmill. No 1. loco probably worked until 1936 when the Munro Tramway completely closed. A second Shay had also been imported. The two loco were abandoned. The rail track was lifted within a year of closure. The locos were damaged by scrap collectors. 1974 loco donated to Illawara Light Railway. Remains salvaged and moved to Albion Park.

The attempt to rebuild this as a working locomotive, I believe will not proceed at Albion Park. Not sure of the future. Of parts already converted to 24 inch gauge. The Lima boiler on display at Albion Park. Came originally from Lima 2097.

New South Wales Government Railway 0-4-0T No. 1024 'Newbold'Posted by: Robin R Beck on 2018-03-05 16:48:26.59
Started life as a 0-4-0WT contractor engine, first working on construction of Victoria Dock, Melbourne, Victoria which lasted to 1892. Victoria Dock is the oldest and largest surviving single dock in the World. Next found at Tarrawingee, NSW working at a Limestone Quarry. Then construction of Happy Valley reservoir near Adelaide, South Australia. In 1910 railway construction at various locations in NSW becoming PWD 23.

1917 taken over by NSWGR and numbered LO43 and in 1924 renumbered to 1024. Appears to have been used on more railway construction work, jobs like tunnel & embankment construction. In 1936 sold to Newbold Silica & Firebrick Co. Worked on the Pattimore Quarry to Bannister Point tramway. The quarry produced high quality Silica, for use making refractory bricks. The tramway went to the silica crushing plant and loading jetty at Bannister Point. Then rock shipped to companies brickworks.

When quarrying moved to a new location the loco was taken to Newbolds Thirroul works. In 1938 it was converted to a 0-4-0PM only the frame and wheels remaining from original loco. Being fitted with either a bus or truck with a 1918, 4 cylinder Leyland engine. Moved to Home Rule, a kaolin quarry near Gulgong. Not sure as how much work it did before motor vehicles took over most work.

In 1973 it was donated to Illawara Light Railway. Seems to have been disagreement about ownership. 1975 finally arrived at Albion Park. Local industries and societies help with the restoration. Was in working order by 1976 when Newbold nameplates were fitted.

Australian Iron & Steel 0-4-0ST No. "BURRA"Posted by: Robin R Beck on 2018-03-05 16:37:42.41
New to Corrimal Coal Co. Was named BURRA and worked at their Broker Nose colliery. When the colliery opened, a 2 foot self acting wagon incline ran from Broker Nose mine entrance connecting to the NSWGR railway. A fault was encountered in the coal seam requiring a new mine entrance in 1906. Coal now had to be hauled from the new entrance to the incline. In 1923 two new air shafts needed sinking which required extension of the 2 foot surface railway to supply equipment to dig, line the shafts and blowers for ventilation. Just when Burra arrived.

The loco was used on coal trains to the incline and possible moving equipment for the new shafts. By 1943 the loco boiler was in poor condition. A new boiler was made by Clyde Engineering and fitted in 1946. In 1955 a new 3 foot 6 inch gauge, self acting incline was built operating near the new mine entrance. Burra was no longer needed to run coal trains. The next 9 years were spent shunting at the mine entrance. In 1967 moved to Port Kembla and cosmetically restored. 1968 put on display at Steelworks visitor centre at Coniston. 1978 donated to Illawara Light Railway arriving at Albion Park and dismantled for restoration. 1995 started running trains.

Victoria Mill 0-6-0 No. 'CAIRNS'Posted by: Robin R Beck on 2018-03-05 16:27:03.633
First worked at Hambledon sugar mill, Cairns, Queensland, becoming thier number 8. In 1957 moved to Victoria sugar mill, Ingham and named Cairns. Withdrawn from service in 1976. Kept as a spare parts donor. In 1978 donated to Illawara Light Railway. Moved by ship to Port Kembla and presumed trucked to Albion Park. Overhauled and operating trains in 1979.

NSW Public Works 0-4-0ST No. 64Posted by: Robin R Beck on 2018-03-05 15:58:42.84
First worked at Cordeaux Dam Construction along with sister loco 1596, numbered PWD 64. This was the second of four dams built on the Nepean water catchment area to supply water to Sydney after bad droughts at the start of the 20th century. Again with sister engine in 1926 moved to Menangle Sand Co. working sand trains from Nepean River to the NSWGR line at Menangle . Sand was used in the construction of Sydney Harbour bridge.

Mid 1930s the boiler went to Douglas Park to power a wood saw. In 1979 this boiler went to Albion Park as a spare. Photos show an attempt was made to use this on a restoration of a Shay loco. It may have just been to make a display, rather than operating Shay.

2017 found the boiler on display behind the railway station at Albion Park. A smokebox from his boiler was on a wagon, maybe for future use?

New South Wales Government Railways 2-8-0 No. 5112Posted by: Robin R Beck on 2018-03-05 15:34:42.893
Loco 5112 is behind a fence. The footplate has plastic/glass doors protecting the controls. From a distance appears to have a full set of levers, gauges etc.

New South Wales Government Railways 4-4-2T No. 1307Posted by: Robin R beck on 2018-03-05 15:22:05.073
Originally built as a 4-4-0 tender loco number 92. When more powerful locos arrived, this and others of the class were converted to 4-4-2T. Renumbered in 1924 to 1307. At various times worked on the Yass Tramway. Became the last steam locomotive to work a train on the branch line. There is a film on Youtube. When withdrawn had travelled over 1,350,000 miles in service.
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