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CFP 0-6-0T No. E-41Posted by: Dale W Fickes on 2018-12-26 05:28:08.18
Entry to the museum may only be gained by either telephoning one of the numbers shown, or by personally calling at the recipient and nearby tourist office in the former railway station, to request that a member of staff attends to activate its opening.

FCGR (BAGS) 2-6-2T No. 3351Posted by: LIONEL PRICE on 2018-12-25 10:37:06.203
This locomotive is currently being dismantled with a view to its restoration to working order, modernisation with gas producer combustion, Lempor exhaust and other features, and conversion to multi-fuel burning, with the intention that it will be used on a tourist railway operation from its current location in Ayacucho, Buenos Aires Province.

Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway 2-8-0 No. 13809 53809Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-23 05:03:48.053
No. 53809 has returned to service following its mini overhaul and is working the last of the Santa Specials and will be on Mice Pie Specials till the New Year to be ready for the 2019 season.

Light Railway Operating Division (British Army) 4-6-0T No. 303Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-23 05:00:36.24
No. 303 is to visit both the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways in 2019 for their Past, Present and Future event on the 21st to 23rd of June.

Richard Garrett Engineering 0-4-0GWT No. 'Sirapite'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-23 04:50:38.557
Former Richard Garrett Engineering Aveling and Porter built 0-4-0GWT "Sirapite" is to visit the Mid Suffolk Light Railway for the 2019 season. This will be "Sirapite" first visit away from the Long Shop Museum to another heritage railway. The locomotive was a near-legend as it was the works shunter at Garretts of Leiston for over 30 years.

Great Western Railway 4-6-0 No. 7828 'Odney Manor'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-19 14:48:26.553
No. 7828 "Odney Manor" has just completed its overhaul as it has just been steamed for the first time. The locomotive will be undergoing testing before it enters service in 2019.

TRA(JNR) 2-8-0 No. DT609Posted by: Paul Haywood on 2018-12-19 07:50:45.367
Seen at Takoa Museum, Kaohsiung in October 2017.

London & North Eastern Railway 4-6-2 No. 4488 9 60009 'Union of South Africa'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-18 13:29:42.88
No. 60009 "Union of South Africa" will be returning to the East Lancashire Railway for its winter maintenance for what could be for the last time before her retirement in 2019.

Great Western Railway 0-6-0PT No. 9682Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-17 13:57:35.817
No. 9682 has been sold by its owners to the Dean Forest Locomotive Group and will be relocating to the Dean Forest Railway at Norchard in Gloucestershire which will be its new home.

EBV (IG Farben) 0-6-0T No. (76)Posted by: Steve Frost on 2018-12-16 13:04:27.91
The German language website dampflokomotivearchiv reported in 2016 that the loco has a new owner and was likely to be scrapped.

Great Western Railway 0-6-0PT No. 6412Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-16 05:48:27.39
No. 6412 is located at the South Devon Railway at Buckfastleigh in Devon as it was sold to them a few years ago to be part of there running fleet.

Great Western Railway 2-6-2T No. 5542Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-15 12:49:03.95
No. 5542 current location is the South Devon Railway at Buckfastleigh in Devon where its owning group moved it there several years ago.

Unknown 2-Truck Geared No. UnknownPosted by: Matthew Gardner on 2018-12-14 15:26:11.273
I heard this locomotive was made in 1887

Great Western Railway 2-8-0T No. 4270Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-14 13:51:48.363
No. 4270 is currently at the East Lancashire Railway where its being extra motive power for their Santa Specials and Mice Pie Specials over the Christmas season. The loco had stayed after taking part in their Autumn Steam Gala in October.

Southern Railway 4-6-2 No. 34053 'Sir Keith ParkPosted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-14 13:46:07.047
No. 34053 "Sir Keith Park" has been moved to Tyseley Locomotive Works for examination and repairs to its axle boxes over the winter.

Great Western Railway 4-6-0 No. 6989 'Wightwick Hall'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-14 10:28:38.94
No. 6989 "Wightwick Hall" is to have its big official public launch in to service at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre after its 41 year restoration on the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of March 2019.

British Railways 2-6-0 No. 78018Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-12 13:44:20.383
No. 78018 has been set up to the Great Central Railway (Nottingham) at Ruddington as extra motive power for their Santa Specials for the rest of the Christmas season there.

Meadows & Lake Kathleen RR 2-6-0 No. UnknownPosted by: Peter Boshart on 2018-12-11 23:34:16.97
Was numbered 1793 at Meadows & Lake Kathleen RR

Kahului Railway Company 2-6-2 No. 12Posted by: Matthew L on 2018-12-11 17:22:59.76
12 will be leaving Mt. Pleasant soon and will be going back to the state of Colorado

Great Western Railroad 2-8-0 No. 75Posted by: Erik Newland on 2018-12-11 16:21:01.37
The HVR is focusing all of its restoration efforts on 618 currently; status should be changed to either stored or dismantled, or both.

OeBB(NOLB) 0-6-2T No. 298.55(U 55)Posted by: Henry Allum on 2018-12-11 15:51:39.287
298.55 is now on display at Vötters Fahrzeugmuseum in Kaprun, Austria.

JZ(BBÖ) 0-8-2T No. P.3(199.03)Posted by: Henry Allum on 2018-12-11 14:09:42.583
This locomotive is now plinthed at a petrol station in Izola, Slovenia.

Great Western Railway 4-6-0 No. 6989 'Wightwick Hall'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-11 09:53:27.91
GWR Modified Hall Class 4-6-0 No. 6989 "Wightwick Hall" has been steamed and moved under its own steam for the very first time in almost 41 years. This marks the completion of 6989s restoration and is the 150th steam locomotive that was rescued from Dai Woodhams Yard in Barry South Wales to steam again in preservation. No. 6989 will under go testing before it is let lose on the Heritage Railway circuit in 2019.

Great Western Railway 0-6-0PT No. 6430Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-10 12:59:58.52
Before 6430 heads off to the Nene Valley Railway for the 2019 season from April it will be visiting the Severn Valley Railway as one of several visiting locomotives for their Spring Steam Gala on the weekend of March 15th to 17th 2019.

British Railways 4-6-0 No. 75069Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-10 12:53:44.737
BR Standard 4MT 4-6-0 No. 75069 was steamed for the very first time since 1994 for its steam test today. The locomotive is in its final stages of its overhaul at Bridgnorth and will be completed at the end of 2018. It will under go test runs and final painting in BR Lined Black livery before entering traffic in 2019.

London, Brighton & South Coast Railway 0-6-0T No. 662 32662 'Martello'Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-10 10:27:01.517
No. 662 "Martello" has been added to the line up of visiting Southern locomotives at the Nene Valley Railway for their Southern Steam Gala on the 9th & 10th of March 2019. This will be the first time that a former London, Brighton & South Coast Railway A1X Class Terrier 0-6-0T has visited the Nene Valley Line.

Great Northern Railway 0-6-2T No. 1744 69523Posted by: Russell Newman on 2018-12-09 06:27:45.31
The N2 0-6-2T No. 1744 has now been withdrawn from service for its 10 year overhaul. Having last run for a photo charter on the 21st of November 2018. No. 1744 is being stripped down at the Weybourne Workshops and it is hoped that the locomotive will return to traffic in spring 2020.

Liverpool & Manchester Railway 0-2-2 No. 'Rocket'Posted by: Robin R Beck on 2018-12-08 13:09:37.71
With the success of the Rainhill Trials Robert Stephenson & Co supplied 26 locomotives to the Liverpool and Manchester Railway within 3 years. Eight of them being similar to ROCKET.

ROCKET worked on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway from it's opening in 1830 until 1834. It was sold in 1836 to work on Lord Carlisle's Brampton Railway in Cumberland. It may have returned to the makers for an overhaul before going to Cumberland. The Brampton Railway was a horse drawn wagon way taking coal from various local coal mines to Brampton. In 1836 a new railway was built of 3 sections. Locomotive hauled at both ends and rope incline in the middle. ROCKET worked one section by itself.

It operated until 1840, then was stored out of use. It returned to the makers in 1851 for restoration, to be displayed at the Great Exhibition, but was never exhibited. It returned to owners in Cumberland.

In 1862 it was donated to the Patent Office Museum, South Kensington, London. In 1883 it moved, along with the whole museum collection to a new building nearby, which became the Science Museum. At present it is on loan to Manchester Science & Industry Museum. On display in the entrance hall, with plenty of public interest.

Canadian Forest Products, Ltd. 2-6-2T No. 112Posted by: M.Faris on 2018-12-08 10:57:47.767
This engine is now located at the Alberni Pacific Railway in Port Albeni.

Hillcrest Lumber Co. Shay - 2 truck No. 1Posted by: M.Faris on 2018-12-08 10:56:33.603
A new boiler is currently being built and restoration is in progress.
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